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Waterfalls in the park - Gateway Mountain, NC.

About the Gateway Mountain Community

Gateway Mountain was first established as a rustic, gated mountain community in 1982.  Great care has been taken during development to ensure privacy for the residents and to preserve the natural forested beauty of this Western North Carolina community.  Gateway Mountain is comprised of about 3,000 acres of hardwood forest and is a noted nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary.  Property owners enjoy a very low density of building sites to acreage, with many areas that remain permanently undeveloped because of the mountainous terrain.

Gateway Mountain peaks on three significant ridges reaching elevations up to 3,000 feet.  Two small lakes, magnificent waterfalls, a trout pond and numerous century-old logging trails are all found within the community.   Property owners and their guests enjoy an abundance of common areas and parks scattered throughout the community.   Natural amenities include spectacular ridge-top views of three states and the Blue Ridge Mountain range, dense forest with bold creeks and huge outcroppings of rock.

The thick, lush hardwood forest in the Gateway Mountain community is regularly trimmed and maintained along the roads and around the common areas as needed but is mostly kept in a natural, wooded and undisturbed state.  Lighting along the roads and on the exterior of residences is kept to a bare minimum to eliminate excessive light pollution.   Property owners can landscape, build gardens and mow their yards if desired but most prefer to do minimal landscaping and keep their property in a managed natural state.   Clear cutting is not permitted.

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Located in the Mountains of Western North Carolina

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Gateway Mountain is nestled within the mountains of Western North Carolina, 25 miles east of Asheville, and 7 miles south of Interstate 40 and the quaint little town of Old Fort.  The town of Black Mountain and its amenities is only a short 15-20 minute drive from the main entrance and Asheville, with all its shopping and entertainment is only 35-40 minutes away.  Movie theaters, supermarkets, numerous golf courses, shopping malls, specialty shops, casual and fine dining and all the special amenities that Western North Carolina has to offer is within easy driving distances.

The Gateway Mountain community lies between the Blue Ridge Mountain Range to the north and scenic Lake Lure to the south, providing breathtaking views of both noteworthy landmarks.  The community is located in portions of 3 different counties - McDowell, Rutherford and Buncombe with the majority being in rural McDowell county.   A property owner once explained, "You start leaving the real world lifestyle at the interstate and once you arrive in the community, it's like entering another country."

Home under construction in the Wolf Pen section of Gateway Mountain, NC.

Homes & Cabins in Gateway Mountain

There is a wide variety of existing homes and cabins in the Gateway Mountain community and currently number about 200.   All were built under architectural guidelines established by the community and come in all sizes, styles and price ranges.  

You will find that homes reflect an Appalachian architectural flair and are constructed of woods such as cedar, cypress, and white pine, all of which are abundant in North Carolina.   Natural stone is used in place of brick.  There are log, post and beam, timber frame and contemporary homes all represented within the community.  Homes, cabins and cottages range from simple second home getaways to magnificent full time residences.  See some of the different home styles that are currently for sale in the community.

Trees, Plants and Animals in Gateway Mountain

Picture of plants and animals in the Gateway Mountain community of Western North Carolina.

The forest in Gateway Mountain is protected and designated as a nature preserve.  It consists of a variety of hardwoods such as red and white oak, maple, poplar, locust and dogwood.  There is also an abundance of evergreens such as hemlock, rhododendron, mountain laurel and white pine.   A majority of the mature trees in the community are dated up to nearly 100 years old. 

During the spring and summer months, the forest floor can be seen blanketed with many different varieties of wildflowers.   The community is designated as a wildflower management area.  The blooming period extends throughout the spring with a colorful display of dogwoods and forsythia, followed by mountain laurel, mixed with flame azaleas, and later rhododendrons providing a kaleidoscope of color.   Of course, the most spectacular show is in fall when leaves of the deciduous trees change their colors. The heavily forested community comes ablaze with color beginning in the higher elevations, around the first week of October, and continuing through mid-November in the lower elevations.  Apples, peaches, muscadine grapes and chanterelle mushrooms can all be found growing naturally within the development, as well as ginseng and other native herbs used by the Cherokee Indians who once inhabited this area.

Gateway Mountain is a wildlife sanctuary and all wildlife is permanently protected within the community.   Birds of many different species ranging from small Carolina wrens to majestic hawks, turkeys, grouse, quail and hummingbirds all call Gateway Mountain their home.   Deer, turkey, fox, bobcat, bear and others have also been spotted relaxing in the community.   The only wildlife "problem" encountered thus far has been an occasional deer enjoying the fruits of a resident's garden.  Domestic animals are welcome and seem to enjoy the mountain community just as much as their owners.  

The entire family relaxing and playing in the waterfalls located in the Gateway Mountain nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary of Western North Carolina.

Springs, Creeks and Waterfalls

Water is plentiful in Gateway Mountain, primarily originating from abundant natural springs.   Numerous creeks are scattered throughout the community.  As previously mentioned, the community has two small interior lakes, perfect for canoeing, swimming and fishing, with both lakes having picnic areas as well.  A trout pond is provided for catch and release - especially nice for the younger children.   In addition to the lakes, residents enjoy a beautiful waterfall park setting with a picnic and wading area that is permanently protected for their enjoyment.


Protective Covenants and Restrictions for the Gateway Mountain Community

As a gated community, Gateway Mountain has been permanently preserved with sensible covenants designed to protect the natural beauty of the development in addition to the property values of its residents. Some of the primary restrictions include: no mobile homes, no hunting or discharging of firearms, a 1,275 square foot minimum structure size, residential structures only, and building styles and colors in keeping with "Appalachian architecture and design".  While there is no required time frame for building in the development, once construction begins, the exterior of the home must be completed within 18 months.
View a copy of the Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Gateway Mountain.

Main gate entrance into the Gateway Mountain Nature Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary of Western North Carolina.


Completely private and secluded, the developers caution prospective owners that they should be capable of enjoying their own company because, as a homeowner so eloquently stated, "You don't see your neighbor unless you really want to."  All entrances/exits are secured with mechanical gates and surveillance to ensure privacy and security.

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